Student interviews` Vehanush Mardanyan UX/UI Design

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Interview with student

Get to know Vehanush Mardanyan! Our talented UX/UI design student shared insights about his course, the journey to becoming a designer, and more. Let’s delve into Vehanush’s answers and draw inspiration.



* How did you decide to become a UX/UI designer?

– Honestly, I never thought that at some point I would try to connect my life with design because, at 27, I didn’t learn to draw a straight line 🙂 I don’t know why it always seemed to me that to enter the world of colors, you should at least know how to draw. But a year ago, a very good person suggested studying together, and surprisingly, I said, come on! 🙂


* How and why did you choose PIXEL IT School?

– We searched for a long time, called, got interested, and chose PIXEL IT School because the clear presentation of the daily training plan on the Pixel website immediately created a lot of confidence. Digging through the children’s work on Behance and mentors’ portfolios also played a big role in the selection.

* The first thing you thought of when you came to PIXEL on the first day?

– Old and new gods, it’s going to be complicated.



* What was your favorite moment of the course?

– Perhaps when you sit on the statue for a long time, at night, you doubt, engage in self-flagellation, you think: Gods, maybe I have offended you!!! And in the morning, you get detailed comments from Dina 24/7, and your soul soars in pink skies! Although I don’t like pink.


*  Are you using your knowledge now?

– I just finished the course and I’m still in the process of saying goodbye to the current job. So I’m not using my knowledge to create a new design figure yet.


* 3 phrases that describe the course

1.  24/7 contact with the student.


2. Dina’s nose hair with maximum attention to pixels.


3. Cool coordination.



* If you were asked for advice about PIXEL, what would be the first thing you would mention as an advantage?

– Let me mention one thing that is extremely important to me. I’m the type of person who won’t spend a normal amount of time on something unless it’s asked for or, more bluntly, unless it’s barked at. Pixel people don’t care if you finish your portfolio or not, just come to spend time or not. We stood on compassion and demandingness.



* Is there anything you would change about the courses?

– I would probably do a bit more teamwork. It would be an experience to work with different and varied tastes of different people. ⁠╹⁠▽⁠╹

* What did the course give you?

  • Ability to create color.
  • Lovely people.
  • A new profession.

You are inspired when you get a new digital world from state 0, and it happens close to the heart of even one person.



* What were your expectations from the course?

–  I don’t know why, there was an inner confidence that everything was going to be cool from a mentoring perspective. And that is the most important thing.



* Were they justified as a result?

– Undoubtedly! Several “undoubtedly”! If I were a time traveler and flew back in time, I would “definitely” not change my Pixel decision.



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