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Design isn’t finished until somebody is using it.

About Mariam

Mariam Hambardzumyan is a UX/UI mentor at PIXEL IT SCHOOL, studied at Escuela de arte N.10 in Madrid and NABA University in Milan, then worked as a UX/UI designer in a number of international companies: Veon, EPAM, collaborated as a freelance designer in the USA within the framework of various projects with the University of Armenia, Parenting schoo, L-soft llc, Technologist. Mariam has been designing for over 5 years. until today he works for EPAM, Team telecom, during which he worked with Adidas, ESPN. Actively involved in the professional field: UXEVN seminars and events in this area, such as the Service Titan camp.

Work experience

Student feedback

Ani Karapetyan

Junior UX/UI Designer

My last lesson today ended with the best impressions and interesting knowledge. I'm so glad I got the advice just to apply to Diana ….

Svetlana Muradyan

Junior UX/UI Designer

If UI / UXdesign, then definitely PIXEL IT SCHOOL. Theoretical and Practical serious knowledge ․․․ What else if not correct and useful ․․․

Zara Harutyunyan

Junior UX/UI Designer

If you really need serious knowledge, then visit, you will not regret. Thanks to Diana for the UI / UX course. Good luck to you.

Mariam Semirjian

Junior UX/UI Designer

I graduated from UI / UX course at the best UX and UI school. Thank you very much for the cool environment and full knowledge.

Shushan Abovyan

Junior UX/UI Designer

My very dear PIXEL IT SCHOOL, I am sincerely grateful to the people with whose advice I chose you. And now I'm merciless ․․․'

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