Student interviews` Hayk Klekchyan Graphic Designer

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Interview with student

We are proud to introduce Hayk Klekchyan, a highly talented graphic design graduate from PIXEL IT SCHOOL. It brings us great joy to share that Hayk has successfully secured a position in the field of design, stepping into his role as a graphic designer immediately upon completing the course. Hayk was under the guidance of the accomplished instructor, Albert Bernetsyan. Below, read Hayk’s reflections on the course and his experience with us.



* Why did you choose Pixel IT School?

– I chose it because the instructor was the exceptionally skilled professional, Albert Bernetsyan.

* How would you describe Pixel and your course in 3 words?

– Useful, interesting, meaningful.

* And what would you change about the course?

– I would extend the duration of the course.

* Did the course meet your expectations?

– Yes

– A heartfelt thank you to Albert Bernetsyan and PIXEL for imparting invaluable professional skills, fostering design thinking, and sharing their wealth of professional experience. The course has laid a robust foundation for launching my career, leading to my current role as a graphic designer at Premium Machinery Armenia.

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