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We use every detail in our training, just like every pixel in our designs.

About PIXEL IT School

PIXEL IT School is an IT design school providing new quality in the field, which creates a new quality in online offline learning.
We provide targeted, in-depth training in various fields, such as design, marketing, IT, languages, etc. The school organizes, conducts master classes, conferences, webinars.
PIXEL IT School is taught by highly qualified specialists with years of experience, who work in the leading Armenian-foreign organizations in the field. We take care of every student and we use every detail as every pixel in our projects.

Our approaches

Based on the experience of our leading professionals, we have developed a special approach to teaching and learning. "One skill, many areas" is the basis of our ideology.
Our training is aimed at the fact that after completing the courses, our students will be fully ready to enter the labor market, to apply the acquired theoretical knowledge in practice, as well as to be involved in the fields related to their profession with the acquired skills.







Our students in leading companies