15 Graphic Design Trends in 2024

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1. Natural Elements

The dominance of materials, images, and forms inspired by nature will continue to be a prevailing theme in graphic design throughout 2024. This trend, popular for nearly a decade, extends beyond graphic design and finds application in various design domains.

2. Emphasized Minimalism

Minimalism, a timeless graphic design trend, is expected to remain prominent in 2024. The philosophy of “less is better” gains traction, emphasizing purposeful design elements that strip away the unnecessary, revealing the essence. Clean lines, ample white space, and a carefree aesthetic characterize minimalist design.

3. Pixels

To convey modernity and innovation, the use of pixels is on the rise. Pixels, once associated with retro visual games, now serve as a creative choice in web design, animation, illustration, and branding, offering a unique blend of nostalgia and modernity.

4. Usable Design

Usable design prioritizes functionality, gaining popularity as we navigate an increasingly digital world. Given the significant time spent online, the focus is on ensuring that websites and apps are user-friendly.

5. Brightly Colored Design

In 2024, graphic design trends revolve around vibrant and energetic color palettes, creating visually striking designs across web design, branding, and printed materials.

6. Doodles

Hand-drawn and spontaneous doodles inject human personality into brands, adding authenticity and a sense of creativity to designs.

7. Modern Natural

The modern natural design style continues to gain popularity, incorporating earth tones, handmade illustrations, and signature prints. This style works exceptionally well for organic products and businesses with a commitment to environmental responsibility.

8. 3D Design

The 3D graphic design trend takes center stage in 2024, with Adobe Illustrator’s Inflate feature expanding its reach. This feature, launched last year, democratizes 3D design, making it accessible to a broader audience.

9. Gradients

Gradients make a comeback in 2024, seamlessly blending colors to create hypnotic transitions that add depth and dimension to designs. Versatile and suitable for various applications, gradients enhance backgrounds, typography, and logos.

10. Brand Image

This graphic design trend signifies a departure from overused, generic stock photography and visuals, emphasizing the influence of personalized and distinctive images. Brands are opting for custom illustrations that not only communicate their values and personality but also establish an authentic and relatable connection with their audience. These brand illustrations exhibit versatility and adaptability across various mediums, including websites, social media, packaging, and advertising, providing a consistent visual identity for the brand.

11. Fancy Print

In an era increasingly dominated by digital experiences, there is a newfound appreciation for the tactile and tangible. The fancy print trend explores innovative and traditional printing methods to create designs that engage the senses. Designers are pushing boundaries with techniques such as letterpress, foil, and tattoo art, using special materials like cotton, kraft, triplex, and more to give brands a distinctive character and make their prints stand out.

12. Serifs

While not constituting a visual style on its own, serif fonts take the spotlight in the graphic design trends of 2023 and continue to rise in prominence in 2024. Major brands are veering away from traditional sans-serif typefaces, seeking fonts with more character.

13. Photography

Photography plays a crucial role in graphic design, conveying messages effectively both online and offline. The 2024 graphic design trend sees a notable shift from reliance on stock photos to a preference for original photography or creative reinterpretations of existing images. This extends beyond product photos to encompass compelling images of people, nature, and other elements that tell compelling stories or evoke powerful emotions.

14. Collages

In 2024, the graphic design world embraces collages, a creative approach seamlessly blending images, shapes, and textures to craft visually stimulating compositions. Collages allow designers to break free from traditional constraints, offering a touch of raw authenticity, whether in the form of a digital mosaic or a handmade cut-and-paste masterpiece.


The revival of retro-inspired design remains a growing trend in 2024, featuring rich palettes of oranges and browns, grainy photography, and influences from cartoon-inspired characters. Nostalgia for the ‘good old days’ is evident, as vintage design styles harken back to simpler times, characterized by meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail.

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